Advantages of a Modular Chimney in Kitchen!

What are the Advantages of Having an Electric or Modular Chimney?

Having a modular kitchen makes cooking easy and convenient. It offers easy access to the things needed while cooking and keeps the user away from all the unwanted smoke, courtesy its highly functional electric chimney. So, if you are planning to revamp the look of the kitchen by replacing the traditional kitchen with a modular kitchen, make the modular chimney a part of your purchase. Want to know why? Read down to know the advantages of having an electric or modular chimney.

Protects the Precious Tiles

One of the biggest advantages of having an electric or modular chimney in an Indian home is that it protects the precious tiles, granite and everything else from the sticky fumes. The sticky fumes may start making your kitchen look all sticky and bad to touch. The modular chimneys are designed in a way that they suck in the smoke instantly and keep your kitchen smokeless and smell free. So, if you love spices as well as your kitchen, opt for a modular chimney.

Protects the Kitchen Walls

Walls and roof turning blacks are a few months is a common condition in kitchens that have traditional chimneys. Another advantage of having an electric or a modular chimney is that it prevents the walls and roof from turning black, courtesy its strong suction capacity. However, to maintain this suction capacity, one needs to clean the chimney filter once every 25-30 days.

Fresh Smelling House

Do you want your guests to know the dinner menu in advance? No, right? Modular chimney immediately sucks in the vapour and aroma of the food that is being cooked and keeps your house away from smelling of what has been recently cooked. So, get a modular chimney installed in your kitchen and keep your house smelling great all the time.

Prevents Sneezing

Sneezing is common when cooking something full of spices. But, you can escape this as well when you have an electric or modular chimney in your kitchen. The high suction capacity of the modular kitchen sucks away the aroma immediately and prevents sneezing.

Looks Aesthetically Appealing

Not only a modular kitchen saves you from sneezing and your kitchen walls from looking bad it also makes your cooking space look aesthetically appealing. The colour can be matched with the colour of your modular kitchen to make it look like a part of it. So, if you wish to make your kitchen functional yet appealing, opt for a modular chimney.