Benefits of South Facing Door House!

What are the Benefits of south facing door house?

South facing houses are always not bad. South facing plot is also very good for all type of constructions, like house, flat or a business enterprise. However, due care should be taken while planning construction design for that South facing House.

Because the magnetic forces of the earth are designed from North Pole and to be received by the South Pole, this plot brings success for every effort, if built according to Vaastu Shastra.

Specialty of South Facing House:

The Earth is a great Magnetic power and created with beautiful things with rivers and oceans. Everything on the earth is maintained due to perfect balancing of this magnetic force. These magnetic forces are emitted from the North Pole and received by the South Pole.

South facing plots are propitious as they are at the receiving end of Magnetic forces and Energy. These forces create healthy and wealthy vibrations and ensure prosperity to the inmates of south facing plots, Houses.

Many house designs favor more windows on the front than on the back, meaning that south-facing houses in our area typically get more natural sunlight throughout the day.

During the winter, owners of south-facing homes can keep down heating costs by simply opening the curtains in the front rooms.

In the summer, the sun will be at a high angle in the sky. This means that south-facing houses will still get a good amount of light, but the direct heat from the sun can be dissipated by a good roofing design, specifically if it uses overhangs in the front.

Those that want to eventually install solar panels will be in luck, as their roof may be naturally facing the sun for most of the day.

According to Vaastu Shastra, South is the direction of Lord Yama or “Yam raja” who is the God of death. Yama the God of law and responsible to Lord “God Shiva” the Destroyer. Yama is supposed to the judge for the Sins and activities of human being.

South facing Houses is second option after the East facing houses. People living in the South facing houses are prosperous and wealthy compared to others if they follow Vastu Shastra rules.

Research shows, in many villages particularly the big land lords, leader of the village, wealthy people lives in the south facing houses.

The south facing houses always promotes the owner’s wealth and makes them relaxed and strong in financial terms. They lead their life better than others.

Thus the south facing house is better or can be said more preferable.