How Bathroom can help You sell your home!

How can bathroom help you in selling your house?

Staging the bathroom for sale can often make the difference between a sale or a rejection of your home in the real estate marketplace.

Home buyers will be looking for at least one bathroom in the house with plenty of room where they can relax, pamper themselves, and take long soaks in the bathtub.

The spa-like look is still very much desired and isn't hard to create, even in a small bathroom. It’s all about cleanliness, light, colour, texture, and accessories. 

When your bathroom is decuttered, clean, and all repairs have been made, you are ready for this last step in the home staging process. Follow the bathroom decorating ideas below to sell your house fast and for more money.

Tips to make your bathroom good or attractive

A Few Tiles to Make a Big Difference

Over time, a few of your floor tiles may shift slightly or crack, or old shower tiles may become discoloured. Rather than risking home buyers noticing one or two unsightly tiles, consider replacing these tiles with new updated tile. If you've kept a box of extra tiles from the original tile installation, then you'll probably have the best chance at matching up the colours. Keep in mind that even if you replace the tiles with the same brand, it could show noticeable variation between different dye lots. Therefore, in some cases, a replacement tile may be even more obvious than a crack.

Incorporate Glass Accent Tile

The beauty of glass alongside the natural light and airiness of an updated bathroom never fails to enhance the look of the space. Rather than using glass in one concentrated area, such as a backsplash, consider incorporating glass tile accents throughout the room. Glass bathroom tiles can brighten up your shower with their luminescent effect. Try incorporating them behind open shelving or in shelving niches. These are fun ways to not only play with colour, but to reflect the natural light of the space. A one- or two-row border of glass tile is also a great design element. It can be used as an accent on top of wainscoting, or just to add contrast to a monochromatic colour scheme.

Enhance Design with Decorative Tiles

Another home project to consider for your bathroom is to add decorative tiles around the tub or shower. Decorative or accent tiles can strategically highlight the most attractive parts of your bathroom, and can bring attention to other recent updates. Add a row of glass tiles on the wall behind a soaking tub or frame an over-sized wall mirror with smaller tiled accents, for example. The beauty of the tile will help create a focal point that will stay with those touring your home long after they've left.

Add Natural-Looking Beauty

Recent trends in bathroom design utilize natural elements to create a serene, spa-like atmosphere. One way to create a natural look, but still retain the benefits of tile in your bathroom, is through the use of wood-look floor tile. Wood-look plank-shaped tiles combine the benefits of porcelain with the artisanal look of hardwood flooring. The porcelain surface is easy to clean and stands up well to stains. Simply grab a broom and sweep away dust when an expected buyer requests a showing. To complete the natural look of your bathroom, add natural greens by placing small planters around the tub and opening the windows to allow natural light to seep inside.

After Tiling, Stage the Bath

Once your new bathroom tiles are installed and ready to go, you're ready to stage your room. A thorough cleaning is a must, including the removal of any meld or mildew stains. If older grout is discoloured, clean it and reseal it if possible. Then remove clutter from your vanity tops or use tinted glass containers to add sparkle and help organize toiletries. Lastly, hide personal objects in your bathroom, including picture frames. The goal is to make the room appear simple, yet welcoming. This helps new buyers visualize themselves in your home.

You want to sell your house for the price it's worth, so don't let outdated decor stop you. Ask a Realtor for an honest evaluation of your home before you put it on the market. Some buyers may have trouble looking past older bathroom floor tiles and colour schemes, and it's better to understand potential issues before you begin showing your home. A quick refresh to the tile can result in a beautifully redone bath, which will be a strong selling point.