How Scents can help you sell your home!

  1. Start with a clean. Cleaning your home when prepping it for sale means scrubbing the all hard surfaces until they shine, as well as washing or vacuuming all fabric items, such as bedding and drapes.
    Try using unscented or subtly scented cleaning products — those that are plant-based or eco-friendly and natural can be good choices.
  2. Eliminate food & pet odors. Whether you’re a cat lover or a gourmand, you may no longer notice the odors from pets or cooked food in your home. But for a potential buyer, these smells are at the very least distracting, and in some cases may even be offensive. Remember, buyers are there to view your home and — hopefully — to imagine themselves living in it. You don’t want them focusing on any unwanted odors. To gauge whether such odors are noticeable in your home, ask a friend whom you can trust to tell you the truth.

Clean your upholstery and carpets and deep cleaning the kitchen with a fresh lemon cleanser. Another great way to remove food odors is to simmer coffee beans in a pot on the stove. Also, be sure to keep your spices in sealed containers. If possible, air out the home by keeping the windows open for several hours a day.
Be sure to remove your dog bed or litter box before a showing.

  1. Keep it fresh & simple. When it comes to choosing a scent to permeate your home, use one simple scent, and following are some of options to consider for open houses: orange, lemon, basil, tea, cedar, pine, vanilla and cinnamon. 
  2. Less is more. Introducing a simple scent to your home-staging efforts doesn’t necessarily mean you can drench the home in that one smell. Remember, less is more: You want potential buyers to appreciate the home, not be bowled over by an overwhelming smell of lemons. One way to achieve a subtle scent is to use just one reed in a diffuser.
  3. Let the scent reflect the space. Finally, select a scent that is appropriate for the general environment and aesthetic of the home. For example, if you have a lot of wooden beams and walls, cedar might enhance the ambience. Likewise, if you’re near the beach, go for something fresh. If there’s no noteworthy natural feature nearby, don’t worry. For your clean and sparkling-white kitchen, a crisp lemon scent would certainly convey an uplifting feeling to a buyer. In other words, choose a scent that speaks to the general feeling of the home and underscores its positive attributes.