How to Sell/Rent your Property quick, hassle-free & without Paying Brokerages!

Current Practice: The current scenario shows majority of the property owners depend a lot on the brokers for selling or renting their property. The Brokers work very area specific, have limited buyers for your property which may take long time for your property to get sell/rented. And Brokers also charge very heavy brokerages for your property deals.

Online Property Portals:

It is also current practice followed by many of the property owners to directly list their property on the available online real estate portals. For this property owner has to create his own account, click and upload property photographs by himself, describe property details by himself and get ready for unfiltered enquiries, lots of bogus phone calls and lots and lots of enquiries from Brokers resulting them to pay heavy brokerages.

Real Estate Properties are the immovable Assets. believes that As Real Estate Properties are Immovable and possess individualistic characteristics it is not feasible to trade them online without physical verification of the property. At the same time believes that in this digital age it is either not wise to pay middleman’s or Brokers a heavy brokerage for dealing with Real Estate Properties. 

So we as a team have created a “hybrid model” for selling of real estate properties online. will first be doing physical verification, photography, measurements, property description of each and every property subscribed with us and then we will list them on our online portal in front of thousand of buyers.  We will also be listing every property on other online portals available in India to get more number of buyers for your property. And will be providing all these services at “No Brokerages”. We have a personal account manager for each property letting our client to relax and let the account manager handle enquiries on his behalf.

            With we make property selling in India a “pleasant experience”.