Monsoon Care Tips for your home!

  1. Moss and fungus grow during the humid climate which is harmful for the residents especially the old and the young. Therefore, check all exterior surfaces like walls and roofs for cracks and get them repaired.
  2. Paint/treat walls and external surfaces with waterproofing coat to ensure there is no seepage.
  3. Clear all rooftop drains and rainwater pipes to ensure they are not clogged and water is not accumulated on the roof.
  4. Check all external electrical wires and cover/pack all exposed wires to avoid shocks and accidents.
  5. Install awnings and shades over windows and balconies to prevent water from coming in. Paint metal grills/windows to avoid rusting.
  6. To ensure proper ventilation, install mosquito nets on the doors and windows so that the windows can be left open without letting insects in.
  7. Pathways can get slippery due to growth of algae and moss. They have to be cleaned before monsoons. To do that, scrape and clean all dried up growth; then wash the pathway with vinegar or chlorine solution and finally with clean water. Allow it to dry properly. This will reduce new growth in monsoons.
  8. If windy rains bring water inside your house from doors and windows, it means there are gaps or cracks between masonry work and frame or between window frames that can be filled with caulking or putty. This will not only restrict rainwater from coming in but will also protect house from insects, dust and high AC bills.
  9. If there is a basement in the house, install ventilators to remove dampness and moisture.
  10. Some plants require less water for growing. Move these in shaded areas so that they aren't spoilt. Similarly, move plants that require direct sun to the more exposed parts of your garden.
  11. Swimming pools can accumulate algae and dirt in monsoons. To protect it, clean and scrub the pool walls frequently and to maintain the water quality, do a chlorine shock treatment once in a while.
  12. Do not let water accumulate in your home or surroundings as these are breeding grounds for mosquitos and various other insects.
  13. Wooden, nylon-webbed or metal-painted garden furniture should be kept indoors to prevent it from spoiling due to moisture.
  14. Always keep furniture a few inches away from the wall to avoid transfer of moisture.
  15. Wooden shutters can swell due to moisture; keep them waxed or oiled.
  16. Do not undertake any new wood-work during monsoon. Stick to maintenance and cleaning of the existing furniture during the monsoon season.
  17. Keep naphthalene balls in wooden wardrobes to absorb extra moisture.
  18. Roll up the carpets or rugs during monsoon season to prevent moisture and filth from settling on it. Use plastic/bamboo floor coverings.

Disclaimer: The article contains data collected from various sources & the use of same is at readers discretion.