Online Estate Agents vs Traditional Estate agents!

Why Online Estate Agents “” is Better than Traditional Estate Agents!

With advantages including greater control and the potential to save money, online estate agents “” are giving power to the people.

In the past some years, there has been a revolution in how we buy and sell our properties. It began with the arrival of property portals such as 99 acres, magicbricks etc, the online shop windows that most of us now turn to when we are thinking about moving. And this year a new breed of online, fixed-fee estate agents like “” is changing the property market and challenging traditional agencies with high-quality, flexible and transparent services at a fraction of the cost.

Potential vendors are turning increasingly to online estate agents as they establish a reputation for offering what clients want. “” are in the market who are proper estate agents as opposed to just sites that you sell on directly. These sites are offering a service and the rest all things you have to do yourself.”

“” believes that “We want to provide the same service as traditional estate agents while drastically cutting the cost to consumers.” “” says it offers the newest way to sell your property, giving the vendor complete control of the transaction while offering round-the-clock advice and support from an established local property expert.

“” hybrid model gives sellers the best of both worlds: the reassurance of a dedicated local estate agent to guide them through the sale, and the cost efficiency and transparency of an online service."

Our Customers are finding “” very friendly and easy to deal with.

The huge advantage of hybrid estate agents, in addition to the convenience and control that they bring, is the lower cost. Traditionally, estate agents who are selling a property charge the vendor a percentage of the property price, which can be one to three per cent.

Estimates says that estate agents in India charge Rs.1.0 lacs on average per sale as brokerage fees. Hybrid estate agents like “” work differently, charging a set fee with no hidden extras. The main difference is that vendors have a choice to conduct viewings themselves (or they can pay extra for a local agent to host the viewings) — but many have readily come to the conclusion that it is well worth the savings. “” set fee means that the higher the property price, the greater the potential saving.

Online estate agents versus high street estate agents


Online estate agents “” charges a fixed fee. At “” this is  Rs.2999/- for sale/rent payable up front.

High street estate agents however charge fees are calculated as a percentage of the property value and are usually between 1 and 2 per cent. A 2 per cent agreement on a property selling for Rs.50.0 lacs would cost the vendor Rs.1.0 lacs in fees.

Viewing arrangements

Vendors have direct contact with potential buyers when they sell their property online. The vendor can show them round at times that work for them – although there is also the option to have an agent conduct viewings.

Where high street estate agent control who sees the property and when.

Agent involvement

Online agencies offer the seller more freedom to have direct contact with buyers, and are on hand to deal with any queries. “” will also handle the “after works” getting from an offer through to exchange and completion.

A good relationship with your high street estate agent is essential as they control who comes to see your house. They will see the process through from offer to completion.

Marketing to the public

With “”, property details are on its own website and other major portals: magicbricks, 99 acres, commonfloor, olx, quickr, makaan, sulekha, and others.

Different high street agents will market your property through different online portals, as well as directly to customers who come into their shop and through a board outside your home.

Sell the “” way

Select a service

Quick, easy, no tie-ins and no hassle

Advertise online

Listings on all major property sites

Negotiate offers

Get the best price for your home

Close the sale

Receive advice every step of the way