Questions the buyer might ask during Viewings!

Questions the buyer might ask during Viewings!

There are some questions buyers will ask that’ll be easy to answer, and some others might need a little extra thought.

  • What’s the area like?

You can answer this by starting out with all the things you enjoy. Have your neighbors ever taken care of your home whilst you’ve been away? Are you close to great transport links that the buyer may not have used to get to you? Most buyers will have their own list of must-have amenities, so don’t forget to ask them what they’re looking for. You might be able to tick all the boxes.

  • Have you found a property to move on to?

If the answer is yes, buyers know that you’re set to move things on a little quicker. But it’s not necessarily bad to let them know that you haven’t. This is one of the great things about getting to know your buyer: trust gets built on both sides. We’ve seen buyers and sellers work together around delayed completion simply because they were so passionate about completing together. If a buyer’s been captured by your home’s story and is keen to be the next owner, they’re more likely to work around your timings.

  • How much are local tax and bills?

These types of recurring costs will be top of mind for buyers who are trying to work out if the long-term investment in your home is viable. Copies of bills will backup your answers.

  • Has any building work been carried out recently?

Again, this is something the buyer will find out during the conveyance stage, so if you can be up front about any structural changes that have taken place, the journey ahead will be smoother.