Tips for First time Home Sellers!

Selling a home is very different from buying a home. Whereas buying a home generally involves emotions and feelings, selling a home typically centers on maximizing profit potential.

  1. Price your home accurately. It is the most important aspect of home selling. In a hot market, “too long” for a house to sit unsold is three to four weeks, max. “That’s a sure sign [the house] is overpriced,”. If you don’t want to appear desperate by dropping the value, price the home realistically from the start. “It’s much better to be in a position where the seller has multiple offers than to get greedy trying to obtain an unrealistic price — only to reduce it later,”
  2. Appoint a Professional as your Real Estate Agents. Online Agents are the best to hire as they don’t charge heavy commissions on deals and remain consistent with their services.
  3. Be flexible with showings. Allow an open house if your home is conducive to an open house.
  4. Insist on professional photography. Of course, if you have hired a top-notch online agent, your agent most likely already provides professional photos. It's not enough to just get the angle right in the photo, the most popular photos are rich in color and depth, and they entice.
  5. Review your listing online. Look at your home listing on various websites to make sure the information conveyed is accurate. Agents do their best to ensure accuracy, but since it is your home, you know the details better than anyone. If you spot a feature that is missing, contact your agent immediately and ask for an inclusion.
  6.  Try to respond promptly to a purchase offer. Many offers contain a date by  which the offer expires. Notwithstanding, it can drive buyers crazy if they are forced to wait for a seller to decide whether to accept their offer or to issue a counter offer. Remember, if you are selling because you need to buy a new home, you are no different when you are a home buyer yourself.