Tips to consider while listing your property online!

You think listing online listings is really easy? Of course, this is easy, but if you don’t post your property professionally then no one will be able to see your listing, which will not generate leads for your property.

 You should know that, along with the technology, there are millions of properties posted on these portals today. But how you stand out from your property, makes it interesting.

Here are a few tips to consider while listing your property online which will help you to sell/rent your property soon.

  • Premium Category Listing!

As millions of properties are posted on the online portals, for a free listing you hardly get any visibility for your property. Data suggests that around 10000+ properties are posted on online portals on daily basis which makes it very difficult for a free category listing to get visibility.

We at posts your property in premium categories to major online portals for better lead generation of your property. The premium ads are seen on top which gives us better leads for your property and ultimately we can seal the deal soon.

  • Professional Description with a Catchy Title!

Professional Description with a catchy title to post property online is really an important thing because it is the first thing that attracts people. So make sure the description of your property is professional and the title is small and catchy.

We at helps you in professional description of your property with a catchy title so that it helps in generating buyers interests for your property.

  • Detailed information about your property & neighborhood!

It is very much necessary to provide detailed information about your property with the surrounding neighborhood details. The buyers are interested in the properties in which detail information is there so that they can decide whether to enquire about your property or not.

We at helps you in listing your property by providing all the technical details of your property like area size of property, age of property, floor of property, property ownership, etc. we also provide the neighborhood details like nearby Busstop, near by BRTS stop, nearby railway station , nearby Airport details which helps in distinguishing your property on this portals.

  • Proper photos and videos

Have you heard the word seeing believes’? People believe what they see so be sure that you give some good pictures and videos by supporting your property ads. The pictures provided by you should have good solutions and cover both the interior and the outer property. You can also add a video to cover all areas. It establishes your property authentication between the seller and the buyers.

We at takes professional photos of your property, we make a professional video of your property and present it in a way to attract more buyers for your property.

  • Property verification 

Verified by field officials, it establishes your property’s authenticity and validation. It helps in building a trust to the buyers for your property.

We at verify your property physically to ensure the buyers that the property is real and the photos and videos posted are of the same property. This helps in gathering buyers trust for your property.


Disclaimer: The article contains data collected from various sources & the use of same is at readers discretion.