Ways to protect your house in summer?

Ways to protect your house in summer?

While Pre-Monsoon activity may be gaining momentum across India but the heat is still being felt in most parts. Temperature in Ahmedabad has crossed 44°C in the first half of May and the Indian summer is only starting to take its toll. New places are being featured in the list of top ten hottest places in India every day now.

So how do you learn to keep it ‘cool’? How do you protect your 'home sweet home' from the sweltering heat outside? There are numerous options to choose from but your focus must stay on the most effective ones. One such option is making basic changes inside and outside your house. Redoing parts of your house can be really effective in dealing with Indian summers or summers in general. Let’s take a look at few such steps.

Terrace Garden

Your roof may shelter you but it also radiates heat throughout your house. If you start growing plants on your terrace, the mud in the plants will help absorb most of the heat. You can use plastic gardening sheets to prevent water leakage.

White Lime Wash

Another simple yet extremely effective way of preventing your roof from heating up is by using white lime on the surface of the roof. White as a color reflects heat and that is why clothes with lighter shades are advised during summer. The same phenomenon works on your roof too.

 You apply a thick layer of white lime wash and you are simply reflecting most of the heat. But every time it rains, the white lime layer washes away and hence needs to be re-applied.

Proper Ventilation

Ventilation is known to keep the air in a room fresh but it also helps in cooling down your house. Keep windows on opposite ends open to let the air pass easily. Cross-ventilation is a known phenomenon but not many people know that time also plays a crucial factor. You are advised to open your windows between 5.00 to 8.00 am and between 7.00 to 10.00 pm when the air isn’t too hot.

Window Planters

Window planters are growing in terms of popularity in India. But their importance is not limited to aesthetics alone. Plants on your window ledge also help humidify the dry air flowing in and around your house. Moreover, bright colors and fancy designs also make your window look attractive.

Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo possesses heat resistance power and is used extensively across India for various purposes. Bamboo blinds can be installed on your windows and doorways to keep the heat outside from entering your house. During afternoon, when the sun shines brightly upon your window, a micro greenhouse effect takes place in your house which converts it into a hot box. If you don’t wish to open your windows, you can simply use bamboo blinds which will also add style to your outer façade.

Say No to Incandescent Bulbs

Although CFL and LED lights have taken over the market, some people still tend to use incandescent light bulbs. There are others who use it for the sepia shade which the bulbs shed out. But incandescent lights should not be used, at least during summer. Not only do they consume more power and add to your electricity bills, they also radiate heat in small amounts. If an incandescent bulb is on for an hour then you can safely blame it for the heat in the room.