Why are prices so much Cheaper than other Estate Agents?

We at ClearDeals believe that through use of technology we can provide much better and affordable services to our customers and that too without charging any brokerage/commissions from them.

What is Difference between ClearDeals and other Estate Agents?

We Operate via Internet medium. We don't charge any commissions for rent/sell of your property.

Once Fee is taken upfront any guarantee for Rent/Sell?

We guarantee you the best leads in the market for your property by promoting your property on major online real estate portals and on ClearDeals Website. There is no reason of your property not being rented/sold with us.

What locations do you cover?

As of now we are covering Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Pune.

Can I Market my property with other agencies or on other platforms?

Yes We do not mind you collaborating with other agencies.

How do I Contact you?

Call us on +91 9723992200 or Click on Contact Us or Request a Call back and our Team will be in touch with you.

Does Buyer have to buy any package or pay any amount while using ClearDeals services?

No Absolutely Nothing! It's all free service for buyers!

Where will my property put for Rent/Sell?

Your property will be put on major real estate online portals in India as well as on ClearDeals Website.

How do Viewings Work?

The account manager will book in viewings by contacting you first , then you, as the vendor will host the viewings. The process then comes back to us for offers, feedback and to progress the sale.

Does ClearDeals Agent Remains present during Viewings?

Yes on prior bookings. This service is extra at Rs.499/- per viewing per hour. For more details call us on +91 9723992200. (Available in selected cities only)

Does ClearDeals showcase the property on our behalf ?

Yes on prior bookings. This service is extra at Rs.1999/- which includes a total of 5 numbers of buyer viewings. For more details call us on +91 9723992200. (Available in selected cities only)
*Though we personally believe that it is vendors who should host the viewings as they provide a more comprehensive outlook on the property than anyone else!

Does ClearDeals provide legal service once the deal is finalised?

Yes. This service is extra. For more details call us on +91 9723992200. (Available in selected cities only)

How ClearDeals deal with the enquiries of my property?

On your behalf ClearDeals will filter the enquiries coming from multiple sources. Your dedicated account manager will notify you regarding the filtered enquiries.

How long does the property listing remains with ClearDeals?

Till your property gets rented or sold.

Do ClearDeals deal with sales progression?

Yes your account manager will be throughout with you.

How Do we get feedbacks about our property?

Your account manager will send out daily emails to the viewers for feedback for the viewing and will provide all this information to you, as and when they feedback to us.

Does ClearDeals relist my property if my deal gets cancelled within one month?

Yes at 50% of Package Cost if the deal is cancelled within 1st month.