Pricing Details for Sell Property

No commission, just a one-off fee

Plans and Pricing

Plan Price :  15,000
GST @ 18% :  2700
Amount Payable :  17,700

Premium Quick Sell Money Back

Rs. 15,000/- *  

Plan Price :  12000
GST @ 18% :  2160
Amount Payable :  14160

Quick Sell-Money Back

Rs.12000/- *  

Plan Price :  8999
GST @ 18% :  1619.82
Amount Payable :  10618.82


Rs.8999 /- *  

Sell My House

Sell My House

Sell My House

Property Promotion on ClearDeals website

Paid upfront

Property Promotion on other real estate portals

Your property shown to thousands of buyers

Enquiries dealt with immediately

Facebook Promotion of Property on Free Groups

Fast Closure of Deals

Freedom from Bogus Phone Calls

Progress reports

Digitour of property

Valid for Property type

Residential + Commercial Residential + Commercial Residential + Commercial

Photography of your Property by ClearDeals Team

Showing house on your behalf

Full Property Description in Details

Progress reports

On Request

You do nothing

Whatsapp Promotion of Property to buyer databse

Privacy of your phone number

Sales Progression & Negotiation

Service Validity

4 months 3 months 3 months

Filtered Enquiries to you

Your Own Relationship Manager

Promotion to Broker Network

Refund Guarantee

50 % of basic amount will be refunded if property is not sold within service period through Cleardeals. GST amount will not be refunded. (T&C Apply) 50 % of basic amount will be refunded if property is not sold within service period through Cleardeals. GST amount will not be refunded. (T&C Apply)

Sell My House

Sell My House

Sell My House

Note: We also have customised packages available.

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Sell Property FAQ

We guarantee you to market your property in the best way in order to generate filtered leads for your property. We also do social media promotion for your property for additional lead generation. There is no reason of your property not being sold through us.

We are a prop-tech company; with our unique business model and with the help of technology we are able to provide much better and affordable real estate services.

Cleardeals is an online estate agent; we don't charge any commissions/brokerages from you.

No. We will not share any of your personal details and they will not be visible to the other party when you are communicating through us. We do however provide your name and contact number to the opposing party when a viewing is arranged, just in case you need to communicate on the day, before the viewing takes place.

Yes, you can still use Cleardeals. You can choose to instruct us straight away and set the date for your marketing to start.

Should your property be on the market longer than expected, we will help you review your options and conduct a full marketing review of your property every 60 days. We look at everything such as all of your previous viewings and feedback, ways to boost your viewings and additional ways to generate more leads from SMS Campaigns, Social Media promotion etc.

No. Cleardeals being an online estate agent doesn't remain physically available during viewings. Your Relationship manager will book in viewings by contacting you first, then you, as the vendor will host the viewings. The process then comes back to us for offers, feedbacks, negotiations and to progress the sale.

Yes we do provide our customers with Legal Property services, financial services for loans and mortgages, movers and packers and other services through third party contracts.